Practical Information

Kinshasa, les 24 et 25 février 2016 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Democratic Republic of Congo presents its compliments to the Ministries of Foreign affairs and to the Embassies of the ICGLR Member States participating in the Kinshasa Private Sector Investment Conference and has the honor of communicating the protocol arrangements in place for this event. 
The Private Sector Investment Conference in the Great Lakes Region will take place in Kinshasa on 24 and 25 February 2016 as per the following schedule: 



Title of the activity



Wednesday, 24 February 2016 Morning session

Opening ceremony

Cité de l’Union Africaine à Kinshasa/Ngaliema


Wednesday, 24 February 2016 Afternoon session

Experts and Investors work sessions

Grand Hôtel de Kinshasa


Wednesday, 24 February 2016 Evening session

Banquet (Official Dinner)

Cité de l’Union Africaine à Kinshasa/Ngaliema


Thursday, 25 February 2016 Morning session

Continuation and conclusion of Experts and Investors work sessions

Grand Hôtel de Kinshasa


Thursday, 25 February 2016 Afternoon session

Closing ceremony

Cité de l’Union Africaine à Kinshasa/Ngaliema


Friday, 26 February 2016

Departure of Foreign Delegations

International airport of N’djili or Port du Beach Ngobila


The DRC Government has put in place various commissions in order to facilitate the coordination of the conference activities and all other activities held in the margins of this conference. 
Kindly find below the contact persons who will answer all questions related to the activities. 
Mr. BANZA NGOY KATUMWE, Director of State Protocol
Mobile numbers: +2439984651, +243991859038
Email address:
Mr. MAKONGA MAK MWANAUTE, Director of Protocol for the President of the Republic
Mobile number: +243817120820
Email address:
Mrs. Wivine MUMBA Matipa, Director of the national investment promotion agency
Mobile number: +243 81 59 59 522
ERIC MIGABO, Coordinator of State Protocol
Mobile number: +24381 811 5373


The Heads of State and Government will be welcomed at the International Airport of Nd’jili on 23 February 2016 upon their arrival by H.E.M Augustin MATATA PONYO MAPON, Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo

The heads of delegation other than Heads of State will be welcomed by their Congolese counterparts or by officials of equivalent status. 

The official welcome by H.E.M Joseph KABILA KABANGE, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo, will be organized at the Cité de l’Union Africaine before their entry in the hall where the opening ceremony will take place. 

Welcoming ceremony

The Heads of State and Government will be officially saluted with military honors at the International Airport of Nd’jili where the national anthems will be performed by the Republican Guard Band. After the review of the troops, the Heads of State or Government will be taken to their accommodation via the VIP lounge

Accompanying ministers

After the welcoming session, the Heads of State and Government will be accompanied to their accommodation by the accompanying ministers.  The same officials will accompany the Heads of State and Government to the airport when they leave the DRC. 

Attached mission teams

In addition to the security details, a team comprising a protocol liaison officer, a uniformed aide de camp and a police officer will be attached to each delegation.  This team will be coordinated by the protocol liaison officer.

The role of the additional mission team is to pilot, facilitate the work and the stay of the delegates. The attached mission team will serve as the guide for the delegation and facilitate its contacts with the organizers of the conference.

The attached mission teams will accompany the delegations as they move around and will remain at their disposal during their stay in Kinshasa.


All the delegates must carry a name badge showing their accreditation.
To this end; prior to the beginning of the conference; the Member States will have to send to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the DRC a list of all their delegation members indicating their name, position, passport number with their passport photos enclosed.
In addition, duly completed forms will be sent to the same ministry with a copy sent to the nearest DRC diplomatic mission no later than February 10th, 2016.
All the accreditation forms must be accompanied by two passport photos.
The non-registered delegates who will already be in Kinshasa will be accredited upon presentation of an ID, preferably a valid passport. In this case, each delegate is invited to fill out a form requesting a badge.
The center of accreditation will be located at the Grand Hôtel de Kinshasa, venue of the conference.  
The accreditation of journalists will be done at the media center located in the administrative building of the Congolese National Radio and Television (RTNC) 

The Heads of State and Government will have lapels that will give them access to all the conference rooms and all ceremonies.  

Other ministers will receive badges that will give them access to venues for various ceremonies and other events.

All the delegates will have to carry an accreditation badge issued by the conference organizers in order to access the official conference rooms and must carry them at all times. 

Access to official events such as the opening ceremony and official dinners is strictly upon invitation.

Invitation cards to these events will be issued to the liaison officers for further distribution to the invitees.

The DRC Government will host the Heads of State and Government at the Cité de l’UnionAfricaine; and the ministerial delegations and others will be accommodated at the identified hotels at their own expenses. The delegations headed by the Heads of State and Government will be hosted by the Congolese government as per the following arrangements: 

Delegation headed by a Head of State (1+4): 

1 suite for the Head of State (all costs fully covered by the host country: hotel, meals, etc.);

4 standard rooms per suite (only costs related to lodging and meals will be covered by the host country) 

Delegation headed by a President of the Assembly or a Prime Minister (1+2): 

1 suite for the president of the Assembly or the Prime Minister (all costs fully covered by the host country: hotel, meals, etc.);

2 standard rooms per suite (only costs related to lodging and meals will be covered by the host country) 

Other heads of Delegation (1+1): 

1 junior suite for the head of delegation (all costs fully covered by the host country: hotel, meals, etc.);

1 standard room per suite (only costs related to lodging and meals will be covered by the host country). 

The covered expenses include three nights, i.e. from February23rdto 26th, 2016.

Additional rooms can be booked and will be charged to the delegations. 

The delegates whose costs are not covered by the host country are responsible for their lodging fees and any other costs during their stay.  

If bookings are made directly by the delegates, they are kindly requested to send copies of their reservation to the ICGLR secretariator to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the email addresses indicated above.

The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo will avail vehicles for each delegation as follows: 

Delegationled by a Head of State:


1 vehicle for the Head of the ministerial delegation;

1 vehicle for protocol;

1 vehicle for security;

1 Van for the luggage. 

Delegationled by a President of the Assembly or a Prime Minister

1 executivelimousine;

1 simplecar;

1 vehicle for protocol;

1 vehicle for security. 

Only the vehicles provided by the DRC government to the delegations will be part of the official cortege.

The other members of delegation will be provided with shuttle buses upon their arrival at the airport or the Beach and will be taken to the reserved hotels or hotels of their choosing.  

Delegations that may wish to have additional cars can hire them from local transport agencies at their own costs. 

To that end, an application form for a special Laisser passer for rented vehicles will be issued on very specific terms. 

The details of the vehicles rented by the delegations (name of the driver, number plates of the vehicles) must be indicated so that they are recorded at the Commission of transport.

This is a requirement for all rented vehicles that must obtain a special Laisser passer for access to various sites for this event


General conditions

During their stay in the DRC, the security of the delegates will be the responsibility of the Congolese Government.

Access to event sites 

Only the Aides de camp and the security officers will have access to the conference hall. They will be seated in the areas that have been prepared for them

NO armed security personnel will be allowed in the conference hall.  

All the delegates with the exception of the Heads of State or Government, and of the ministers, will be subjected to security controls upon their arrival on high security sites of the conference. 

Permits to carry firearms - 

The request for provisional permits to carry firearms on the DRC territory will have to be addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs well ahead of the week of the conference. 

Only five (5) hand guns (pistols and 9 mm revolver)will be authorized with a minimum of two (2) ammunition magazinesper gun. 

The list of security personnel accompanying the Heads of States, their details, their firearms and their communication equipment will also be communicated. 

The weapons cannot come into the DRC before the arrival of the Heads of delegation. 

The request for authorizationto carry firearms should include the following information:

Full names of the officer using the gun;

Nationality, place and date of birth;

Passport number;

Type and model of the weapon;

Serial number;

Number of ammunitions.

A media center, whose working hours will be determined, will be provided for the accredited journalists for the duration of the conference.  

Members of the media will be accredited at the center and will also obtain additional information pertaining to the conference. Identification badges; and in some cases two badges; will be provided to official photographers and cameramen uponpresentationof a photo ID and a copy of the media pass.

All media personnel must provide the required information in order to obtain the permit for media materials in accordance with the rules and procedures of the country. 

Media professionals who wish to cover the conference proceedings will be required to submit supporting documents such as a letter of assignment as well as a media identity card issued by a national entity. 

All requests from media personnel must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Democratic Republic of Congo even if more detailed information with regards to media accreditation will be issued in the media programme available at the conference secretariat website www. no later than mid-February 2016.

The parking of private jets will be provided in Kinshasa. The crew members will be accommodated at their own costs in hotels that will be booked to that end. All charges related to ground service for private jets: fuel, catering, ground handling charges and regulated charges (with the exception of aircrafts for Heads of State for the later charges). 

For the delegations using private jets, it is recommended that the Member States submit the details of the aircraft to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Democratic Republic of Congo in order to obtain aircraft overflight and landing clearances; no later than mid-February 2016.

These details include: 

Type and registration number of the aircraft;

Name and call sign of the aircraft pilot;

Names and number of crew members;

Load and duration of parking of the aircraft at N’djili International airport;

Ammunitions, weapons and passengers on board;

Authorization for stopovers at airports for technical or meteorological reasons must be requested 72 hours in advance;

Entry and exit points

Entry visa in the DRC will be obtained from the diplomatic and consular missions of the DRC in Member States. Instructions will be given in order to facilitate the issuance of visas to participants upon their presentation of their invitation to the conference or any other relevant document.  

Nationals of the countries in which the DRC has no diplomatic missions will receive their entry visa on arrival in Kinshasa upon presentation of a valid passport and apaymentof USD 90 with the exception of holders of diplomatic and service passport who will be exempt from the visa fee. In case the participant requires an individual visa to be able to embark on a commercial flight to DRC, the Migration Directorate of the Democratic Republic of Congo will issue the visa at a cost of USD 250payable without exception.  

The concerned delegates for this case must be on the lists of their country initially communicated to the DRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and must send a passport photocopy. 

In order to facilitate the immigration formalities, it is recommended that all the passports of a delegation are collected at arrival in Kinshasa, and presented to the service of immigration at the airport or Beach by a designated member of the delegation.

For departure, the person designated to carry out migration formalities is required to arrive at the airport or the Beach two hours before the arrival of the Head of delegation.

The Congolese government is responsible for the organization and the delivery of medical and health care services required by people under international protection:Heads of State or Government and their spouses.  

During the conference, the pre-hospital and hospital care services will be reinforced. 

Mobile clinics will be setup on the main sites of the Conference (Airport, Cité de l’Union Africaine and Pullman/Grand Hôtel Kinshasa).

However, medical facilities have been identified and equipped for possible treatment or medical interventions. 

All the presidential jets will be parked at the N’Djili International Airport.

Member states are required to provide the details of their crew members as well as their aircraft in order to obtain the necessary authorizations. Member states are invited to submit the following information to the DRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation no later than 10February 2016.

Name of the carrier;

Name and type of aircraft;

Entry and exit point into the DRC;

Calling sign;

Points of departure and destination;

Dates and timings for arrival and departure. 

Members of delegations arriving on private jets, with the exception of Heads of State and Government, will be required to pay a fee of USD 50 per person. 

Upon arrival, a maximum of eight (08) people per delegation will be given access to the aircraft to welcome the Heads of State and government as they exit their jets.  

Departure of delegation must be signaled to the attached diplomatic missions at least 8 hours before takeoff.

The luggage must be taken to N’Djili International Airport at least three hours before departure.

State Banquet

H.E. Mr. Joseph KABILA KABANGE, President of the Democratic Republic of Congo will host a state banquet on 24 February 2016. 

Other arrangements related to the banquet will be communicated to the delegations through the liaison officers who will give them the invitation to the banquet.


The Private Sector Investment Conference will be held in Kinshasa during the rainy season when temperaturesoscillate around 25° Celsius.

Situated on the equator, the Democratic Republic of Congo has a tropical climate characterized by heat, humidity, torrential rains and changing seasons. Temperatures change along various locations:equator, highlands and mountainous areas.

Time zones

The Democratic Republic of Congo is divided in two time zones. Kinshasa has the same time as Paris and Brussels Winter Time. The East and Center of the country (Katanga, Kivu, Province Oriental, the two Kasaï) are an hour ahead of Kinshasa.

Currencies, credit cards and banks 

Foreign currencies and travel checks recognized worldwide can be changed or cashed at the banks, bureau de change and some hotels. 

Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and bank cards are accepted in most hotels, restaurants, main shops and boutiques.  

Electricity and voltage

Electricity in Kinshasa is set at 220 volts and varies between 50 and 60 hertz depending on location. Electric sockets are of universal standard. 

Local and international calls

To call the DRC from outside the country, dial +243 followed by the telephone number you wish to dial. 

To make calls outside the DRC, dial the country code followed by the number you wish to call. 

To make local calls within the DRC: dial the full telephone number you wish to call including the digits of the specific mobile provider. 

Internet access

High speed internet is available in most hotels.


In case a delegation has a gift for the President of the Republic, it is advised that the gift exchange formalities be set by the protocol officers of both delegations. 

In order to ensure a successful and appropriate reception of the ICGLR Member States delegations, the DRC Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation requests the embassies of the ICGLR Member states and the executive secretariat of the organization to provide, well ahead of the conference, the composition of each delegation in protocol order indicating the full names and function of each delegate.

Thanking them for their help, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Democratic Republic of Congoseizes the opportunity to renew to the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Embassies of ICGLR Member States the assurances of its highest consideration. 



In preparation of the Private Sector Investment Conference (PSIC) for the Great Lakes Region scheduled from 24 to 25 February 2016 in Kinshasa, arrangements have been made to ensure the availability of accommodation facilities for the conference participants.
Many accommodation facilities have been identified within 1 km radius of the conference venue PULLMAN GRAND HOTEL OF KINSHASA, in order to facilitate the movements of the participants.
It would be ideal to have the majority of the participants staying at PULLMAN GRAND HOTEL OF KINSHASA which has a capacity of 350 rooms in order to facilitate transfers and logistics. However, the participants are free to choose a hotel from the following list by using the contact details provided against each hotel. 
The Government proposes to accommodate the high ranking officials at the Cité de l’Union Africaine which has 48 VIP apartments. Arrangements have been made with the State protocol services (Office of the President of the Republic) to facilitate the transfer of delegates from their hotels to the conference venue: ThePullman Grand Hôtel Kinshasa. 

During the regional workshop on the improvement of the regulation and investment climate held in Addis-Ababaon 1st and 2nd September 2015, the chambers of commerce and industry and the national investment promotion agencies of the 13 signatory states of the PSC Framework recommended that the countries setup national and regional exhibition stands during the conference. This proposal was approved by the Conference organizing committee during its last meeting in Nairobi on 30th November 2015. 

A pavilion on a covered surface area of 1,500 m2 will be provided for the exhibitions of ICGLR member states and invited investors. In total, 20 modular aluminum stands of 6 m2 each, i.e. 3m x 2 m will be erected with DECORATION + PROFESSIONAL PARTITION + INTEGRATED FUNCTIONAL KIT (2 ELECTRIC SOCKETS, SPOT LIGHT/1 TABLE, 2 CHAIRS). The setup of stands is free of charge. 

In addition to the 25 projects submitted for illustration in the Investment Opportunity Brief (IOB) which is a reference document for the conference, the countries will have the opportunity to present in their pavilions other projects/opportunities as part of the exhibitions that will take place over the 2 days of the conference. This exhibition will allow participants to have a more realistic picture of the various opportunities available in the Great Lakes Region.

On the other hand, the exhibition in the pavilion will offer an ideal opportunity for each Member State and its interested domestic economic operators to have a place where they will be openly represented and where the potential investors can meet them and discuss freely. 

The objective of these national exhibition pavilions is to highlight other available investment opportunities and to provide information to potential investors on commercial practices in the respective countries. To that end, the pavilions should be equipped as follows: 

1) Information sheets on:

Other investment opportunities;

National economic data and modalities already in place to improve the investment climate; 

Investment climate, including the economic reforms made or planned in each country participating in the exhibition; 

The main private companies operating in the country;

Support services for investors 

2)  A promotional video on commercial practices in the country

3)  Other characteristics such as:

Profile of successful private companies and/or their CEO;

The main national products (particularly those produced by female entrepreneurs); 

Calendar and participation

The member states wishing to have an exhibition during the conference are invited to send a request to: by 24 January 2016.

The request must mention the name of the national coordinator for the exhibition stand. 

All related costs are payable by the responsible entity. 

The required documents available on the Conference website should be filled out and sent to the organizing committee at or dropped at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DRC before the 10 February 2016.