CEPGL One Stop Border Posts

The border posts between the three member states of CEPGL (Burundi, DRC and Rwanda) are heavily used by both pedestrians and cargo vehicles hauling commercial goods. However, at present in their current configuration of two stop border crossing, they do not provide for efficient movement of people nor goods within the region.

Thus it is suggested that a number one stop border posts be established. The first between Rwanda and Burundi was opened in Gasenyi – Nemba in 2011 and the second at Ruhwa in the Ruzizi district. The second project was opened under the auspices of the Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (CEPGL) and the African Development Bank (AfDB). AfDB injected $45 million to establish the Nemba One-Stop Border post including the construction of 20kms highway on the Burundian side.

Planned additional facilities will be established at:

  • Gatumba – Kavimvira (Burundi / DRC);
  • Bukavu - Cyangugu (Burundi / Rwanda); and
  • Goma - Gisenyi (DRC / Rwanda); and
  • Akanyaru – Kanyaru (Rwanda / Burundi)

In June 2015 it was also confirmed that the East African Community ( EAC) plans to open 15 one-stop border posts across the region, including between Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Tanzania.

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