Chambers Federation South Kivu DRC Cooperative Mining Project

The project comprises of a two segment, scalable and sustainable impact investments into the DRC (Congo) cooperative mining structure. One segment focuses on the 3T minerals (tin, tungsten and tantalum), called the 3T Conflict-Free Mineral Trade Initiative, while the other focuses on gold, the Gold Production and Processing Enhancement Initiative. This investment will provide enhancements to existing 3T and gold mine sites, create a new production source of gold, explore new mineral deposits and provide documented/audited traceability of all minerals from mine site to refinery. Total investment for the next phase, implementation of these two segments, is just under $2 million with over $250,000 already expended. Returns on investment are expected to begin within 4 months of final capital investment. Project can be scaled to a total investment of $5 million, over the course of two years, as required. 
Some of the highlights of the project include:
  • 56,000 - Approximate number of miners and their families directly impacted by the next phase of the production & processing project
  • 1.5 million – Approximate number of miners and their families working under the cooperative system which will eventually receive direct and/or indirect impact from the full expansion of this project throughout the region
  • 3 – Number of months to implement gold production and processing projects, creating an immediate, self-sustaining & scalable project. The 3T Conflict-Free Minerals Trade Initiative can be implemented within 30-45 days. 
The Chambers Federation has 5 existing offices located in South Kivu, covering every major mineral producing region. The Chambers Federation is locally registered company, approved for the exploration, production, purchase, and broker. This project is a partnership with the local South Kivu community and the Chambers Federation to not only improve artisanal mining operations and document the mineral supply chain, but, in the long term, invest in other for-profit and sustainable, non-mining projects that would have a diversified impact in the community.

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