Lamu Port - Southern Sudan - Ethiopia Transport Corridor (LAPSSET)

The LAPSSET Program is one of Africa’s most ambitious integrated infrastructure Projects at an investment value of US$26 billion, and brings together the 5 East African countries of Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda & South Sudan  Managed under the Kenya based “LAPSSET Corridor Development Authority (LCOA)”, this initiative involves the development of a new transport corridor from the new port of Lamu through Kenya to branch to Ethiopia and Southern Sudan as well as linking to Uganda and Rwanda.  It will be the backbone for opening up Northern Kenya and integrating it into the national economy and provide port access to South Sudan and Ethiopia (and alternative access to other states in the Great Lakes region).
The infrastructure investment opportunities include:
  • A 32-berth port at  Manda Bay, Lamu on the Indian Ocean
  • A standard-gauge railway line from Port Lamu to Juba (South Sudan) and Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).
  • An integrated road system
  • Extensive oil pipelines linking the newly discovered oil-fields of Uganda, South Sudan, Northern Kenya and Ethiopia to Port Lamu.
  • A state-of-the-art oil refinery in Isiolo
  • Three strategically-located airports & resort cities in Lamu, Isiolo & Turkana
  • The 700MW High Grand Falls hydro-electricity power plant & powerlines 
Port:  The Manda Bay is well sheltered and has deep waters of around 18m along the main channel and 5m to 60m in the Bay and therefore can accommodate any post-Panamax vessel. The development of 20 berths by 2030 and up to a total of 32 berths beyond 2030 has been deemed feasible. The development of Lamu Port will also include the construction of port associated infrastructure such as Causeway, port access road, railway yard, water and electricity supply, port building and other port related services.

Airports: The Kenyan Government completed lengthening of Lamu Manda Island Airport runway from 1.1km to 2.3 kms. Improvement works are already complete for the airport terminal building. Preparations are at an advanced stage towards the construction of a parallel taxiway and aircraft apron area to improve capacity of the airport.  The Government has also completed construction works on the 2.3km Isiolo Airport runway and construction works are currently ongoing for Airport Terminal Building.

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