Trademark East Africa Northern Corridor Roadside Station Project

The Northern Corridor Infrastructure Masterplan was commissioned to address the needs for the region and identify development needs. Key areas of focus include:

  • Energy production – includes $1.26bn 500-kV transmission line and Ethiopia’s 1600MW electricity export supply agreement ;
  • Roads – 11 identified major road projects;
  • Railway – first project comprises 3 phases to link Mombasa to Nairobi, Kisumu and Kampala;
  • Ports and Waterways - Upgrades at Mombasa (or new port at Lamu) and expansion of navigability on Lakes Tanganyika, Kivu and Victoria;

The partner states in the Northern Corridor have extensive PPP experience, primarily in the telecoms and power sectors. The aim is to roll this out to infrastructure. The total programme encompasses 38 projects totaling up to $30 billion.

An immediately identified project has been prepared by The Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority and Trade Mark East Africa in their efforts to facilitate trade and transport along the Northern Corridor, namely the Roadside Stations (RSSs) project. The project aims to establish Roadside Stations to enhance road safety and health along the corridor as a launch pad. Other benefits include better health, safety and security for communities along the Northern Corridor and enhanced protection of the environment. The programme comprises 67 RSS’s, of which 22 have been forecast to earn more than 16% real IRR. These 22 projects are anticipated to cost $30m to implement with an average 24% return.

Additional information is available on the PPP Private Sector Programme and the Roadside Stations Project.

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