Transfrontier Market Development


This project was designed by CEPGL to aid women traders in three border regions between the DRC and Rwanda. Construction of a Border Market at the border of Gatumba (Burundi) and Uvira (DRC) was completed in February 2015 with the financial support of NEPAD / Spanish Fund.

Three additional Frontier Markets are sought to be developed, namely:

  • Kampala a Goma-Gisenyi (North Kivu) (DRC and Rwanda);
  •  Bukavu-Kamembe (South Kivu) (DRC and Rwanda); and
  • Kamanyola-Sange (South Kivu) (DRC near Burundi border).

The intent is to develop three DR CONGO “trans-frontier” markets/ trading zones to provide the women a more structured and secure environment to trade their wares. This would also seek to improve their experience at the border crossings between these three GLR countries.

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